PSYFARI Festival

Saturday, 24th August 2013


P S Y F A R I Festival
23-24-25 / AUG / 20 13
3 Days - 3 Stages - 3 hours fro m Sydney

PSYFARI is a wild place traveled to by many eac h year. The journey rekindles our primal bond by getting all Noisy Chicken on the place.  Getting on down and funky, in your own collaborative purple octopus suit so rt of way.

Noisy Chicken are a Sydney based crew, energetic towards bringing people and chickens together, but not limiting to that. We invite everything and everyone to be encapsulated in our eggs. To create magical places and with the help from you, manifest vibrations . Shaping moments which transform us into the future in a chicken sp aceship.

The 23rd of Aug 2013 wil l mark the 4th PSYFARI to happen! Pretty awesome, but it's not just that. .. Noisy Chicken has decide d to get off the cracked eggs and get the party really happening.
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LINE UP: http ://
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VENUE INFO: http:/ /
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FAQ: ht tp://
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WORKSHOPS: http://ww yfari
Tickets are now on sale!!

1st round @ $80+bf **SOLD OUT**
2nd round @ $100+bf **SOLD OUT**
3rd round @ $120 +bf
Door p rice @ $160

FOR ANY TICKETING IS SUES CONTACT: tickets ( at ) noisychicken .com

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