Live Music: Noise Pop presents Algiers

Monday 17th July 2017

Venue: Starline Social Club, 2236 M.L.K. Jr. Way, Oakland 94612, United States

Tickets: GA - USD 15.

Time: 7pm - 11pm

Algiers at Starline Social Club.

Algiers are a politically conscious indie rock trio who combine elements of post-punk and no wave with blues, gospel and even early industrial music.

They are based in New York City and London, England. The band came together in 2009 in Atlanta, Georgia when guitarist Lee Tesche and bassist Ryan Mahan, both members of the city's thriving underground rock and noise scenes, encountered vocalist and guitarist Franklin James Fisher, whose own musical roots were in the grand black gospel tradition of the Deep South, the soul-blues of Nina Simone, and angular funk. All of its members play percussion and keyboards, and do drum programming.

Their songs actively engage in cultural critique by commenting on traditions in political, social, and religious realms.

The trio began rehearsing and playing shows together, combining their various influences and coming up with a hybrid sound of their own that also included dub, punk, and Afro-funk. Though all three went to various schools overseas, they stayed in touch via email, and worked together over the internet to dicuss music, influences and politics.

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Live Music.

Artist / Speaker: Algiers.

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