Earth Frequency Festival

16th February 2018 - 19th February 2018

Venue: Ivory's Rock Peak Crossing, Queensland, Australia

Earth Frequency Festival is a music, arts, lifestyle and environmental festival. based in South-East Queensland, Australia, with a strong focus on arts, education, healing and community spirit, While drawing from many cultural niches such as transformational festival, tribal gathering, doof and boutique festival, the aim of Earth Frequency Festival is to go beyond these traditional tags and to exist as a multi-faceted gathering focused broadly on creativity, community, connection, intention and inspiration.

From it’s origins as a small landcare party in 2005, Earth Frequency has now become one of Australia's foremost transformational gatherings. At Earth Frequency, you can always expect an amazing mixture of live and electronic music, performance, visionary art, workshops and lectures, a family and kids space, and a fantastic food and markets area, and of course a positive community vibe. Our aim is to create nothing short of a life changing, transformative experience! We aim to provide a meeting place - people from many different backgrounds, ages and walks of life come together with the shared interests of music, nature, technology, culture, community and peace.

Earth Frequency Festival is held each year at Ivory's Rock Conventions and Events, Peak Crossing. Ivory's Rock is a beautiful outdoor venue with top notch facilities, comfortable campgrounds, and it is conveniently located under an hour from Brisbane and just 20 minutes from Ipswich. Nurtured by the setting of the beautiful Australian outdoors, we gather together once a year to celebrate life with music, art and other creative forms, and to educate, connect, heal and inspire. For those attending, it may just be the defining weekend of your summer!

Keep an open mind and through the weekend you'll be sure to catch some amazing sounds from right across the broad spectrum of the human experience!

Beats Antique ft. David Satori and Sidecar Tommy, Victor Ruiz, Sprout / Herzblut (BR), Loud (Nano Records Israel), Opiuo (Slurp Music NZ). LOCO & JAM, Tronic / Octopus (Ireland), Grouch in Dub - Band, Shanti Planti (Aus), Freedom Fighters (HOMmega Records Israel), FreQ Nasty, Burn in Noise (Nano Records Brazil), Truth, Firepower (NZ), Oka, Kalya Scintilla with Eve Olution (Merkaba Music USA), State of Mind, Blackout / Shogun (NZ), Module Virus, Sangoma Records (UK), JFB, Ghetto Funk (CA), Tijuana Cartel (Aus), Smoke Sign (Zenon Records USA), Symbolico (Merkaba Music Israel), TETRAMETH, JPOD (USA), Dub Princess (UK). Whitebear, Shanti Planti (Aus) Merkaba with Eve Olution (Merkaba Music USA), K+Lab (Delicious Music NZ), Terravita, Dela Moontribe, Moontribe Collective (USA), Fungophago (Zenon Records Germany), Bullhorn (Aus), Duffrey, Shanti Planti / Street Ritual (USA), Smilk (Zenon Records - Aus), JPS, The Operatives, CelloJoe (USA,) Tribone, Shanti Planti (Israel), Terrafractyl, Kinematic Records (Aus), Hugo & Treats, Ryanosaurus (Zenon Records - Aus), Dysphemic, Gravitas Recordings (Aus), Bumble, Shanti Planti (Aus), Hypnagog (Kinematic Records Aus), Murray Kyle (Aus), Skwid (Higher Recordings Aus), Kodiak Kid, Addictech / Omelette (Aus), Auramechanic (Aus), Eartheogen, Zenon / Universal Tribe (Aus), TRIFORCE (Zenon Records - Aus). Realms. Two ThirtySix (Aus), Orpheyo Dragon, Paul Abad (Open Records - Aus). CC the Cat, Azrin (Zenon / Unstable Sounds - Aus), Katia Band. Jesse Kuch (Open Records / Melt), mustaphaa, Jekks, Sun Salute (Conscious Roots Productions - Aus), Ruffy, Jesswah (Hopskotch Records, Adapted Records), Birrang Miil (Australia), Ord Rede (Open Records - Aus), Lunar (Edge Bookings - Aus), Doe, Lickweed (Adapted / Twisted Audio - Aus), ZIBELL (Universal Tribe Records - Aus), Highlife (From the Sunshine coast), Tranceducer, Amar Dhall (Altar Records), Afrogalactic (Afro Tours / Praxis), Dayelle and The SuBstance (Bitnormal Records), Jamie Grenenger, IWTFA, Aya, CrashCats (Rudekat Records), ZigMon (Bassic Records), MorgazmK (3rd Eye Productions), Master Wolf AKA Skinz, Old Man River, Vinny Xavier (Adaptogen / Cerebelo Recs), elbow (Digital Whomp, YesPleez!), Disttractive, (Twizted Lotus Records), Ladi Abundance. De La Haye (Junkyard Sessions), TAYA (Bassic Records, Circus Recordings), smiGGle (Mushroom Valley), Mood Swing & Chevy Bass (Live) (Wonky Queenslander), Heavy Mix Kartel, Butterz (Dragonfruit - Aus). Alkemia, Kick.On.Kings (Dragonfruit - Aus), Arya (Insonitus Records), Trip Syndicate (NevaEndinBeats) Status: Waster, KENYAA, Rascal (Dragonfruit - Aus). Gross Prophet, Zenith (RGM Entertainment) Tel Quel (JP/US). SangLien (Beatle Soup Records), Fractured, Cosmoganic, Integer (Golden Orb Records). Fungal DIstortion (RGM Entertainment/Cerebral Meltdown Records/Progmore Records), Elektropanda, mIDium (Manifest QLD), AndyDub ft MindConTroll (Ripped Envelope). Sunny Side Up, APRÓ (Melt), Chaotic Yawn, Day Trekker, Cinii, SymbioteK, Tasty Taste. SU Real. Aqua. Touching Sounds. Ande Foster. Sally Allsorts. ZygoTwitch. BuBz. BustaFlux. Lite'N Krispy

Earth Frequency Festival


3rd Round Pre-Sale Ticket - $300+bf (on sale until December 31st or until allocation is exhausted)
4th Round Pre-Sale Ticket - $320+bf
Gate Price - TBC (If available)

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