Tropical Fruits Neon Garden NYE Festival 2017

Sunday, 31st December 2017

Venue: Lismore Showgrounds, Alexandra Parade, North NSW

Time: 8pm - 1am

This New Years ' Eve we welcome you to Midnight in the Garden of Fruity Delights, as we illuminate the darkness and unlock the gates to our lost neon wonderland. Be entwined in fluorescent vines, seduced by the glow of carnivorous flowers, and tempted by mysterious forest-dwelling beauties. The Neon Garden invites you to go deep into the evolutionary revolutionary wild earth. Put down roots and unfurl your staymen. Bloom into the bioluminescence at the end of the garden path. Ripen into the discovery of the sparkling creatures of Lesbos and Gaydens. Follow the fireflies to the heart of the labyrinth and don 't be afraid to chase that gayglo radiance beyond the garden wall. Our wild arcadia welcomes luminous passionflowers, psychedelic moth-beings, luscious queer garden sprites and that iridescent glow that only you can capture (or will it capture you?). Come to our hothouse of phosphorescent delectation and dare to neon-dream your way into a nubile new year.

Adam Cox, Amanda Louise, Amozon, Ben Drayton, Beth Yen, Chip & David DC, Du Jour, Joal Bowman, Juan Velasco, Kirby, Kylie Rose, Les Smith, Matt Vaughan, Murray Hood, Pob, Ruby, Simona Castricum, Somerville & Wilson, Stephen Allkins, Sullivan


Parade: December 29th, 4pm

NYE Party: December 31st, 8pm-6am

Pool Party: January 1st, 10am-4pm

Recovery Party: January 1st, 4pm- 1:30am

Camping and Volunteering: December 27th - January 3rd

Camping ~ Volunteering ~ Cabaret ~ Cafe ~ Licenced Bar ~ Art Exhibition ~ Music ~ Parade

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