Bunker's 5th Birthday with Ansome (Live) & Stephanie Sykes

Friday, 15th June 2018

Venue: The SUBSTATION, 1 Market Street, Newport

Time: 9pm

We return to The Substation for a third year to celebrate our 5th Birthday with the return of Ansome (Live) and the Australian debut of Stephanie Sykes.
Local support from Dj Kiti b2b Nite Fleit, ACM (Live) & Concealed

Sound: Funktion-One (Official) provided by Bounce Audio
Visuals & Projections: 313RGB - http://www.313rgb.com/
Ansome (Live) (South London Analogue Material / Mord Records / Perc Trax, UK)
Ansomefinds himself well-poised. A relatively new name in UK techno, heâsbeginning to see the fruits of a couple years of hard work spent runningtwo labels: Discos Dead from 2013 until 2014 and now South LondonAnalogue Material (S.L.A.M. ), a platform for both his own releases andthose of like-minded producers.
A university student whose background lies in electronic music and sound design, Kieran Whitefield,moved to London for study, with the city becoming the centre of hismusical interests as he immersed himself in the sounds of fellowLondoner Ali Wells, aka Perc, and his Perc Trax label, which has risento international acclaim in recent years by pushing its sound in everharsher and more experimental directions.
Today, Ansome emergesas one of the noisiest, pursuing gritty sonics through hardware-based,industrial-leaning experimentation that has been well-documented invideos of his scorching live PA sets.
Stephanie Sykes (47 / Fullpanda Records, UK)
Bornin Germany, now living in Rugby and raised on a diet of techno, atravel-laden up bringing combined with a natural penchant for experimental and diverse soundscapes have paved the foundations forStephanie Sykes to develop a highly unique musical voice, oneunrestricted by boundaries and defined by deviation.
It was themove to Manchester that really helped her find stability, simultaneouslyproviding the platform to explore greater musical virtues. After makingher presence felt on the Manchester club scene at various differentnights, it was playing at Continue at Sankeys that really ignitedproceedings for Stephanie. After linking up with the multi-facetedTechno pioneer Dasha Rush, and a handful of demo tracks later, Stephaniewas signed as an artist to Rushâs well-revered Fullpanda Records â\" alabel that pushes the boundaries of contemporary dance music, built ondeep, dark and musically emotive experimentation.
Her first forayinto the production world accumulated in a two-track contribution on Luna Tactus on Fullpanda, together with Swedish artist Fjader. Spanninghypnotic, sonic-fused experimental techno with a broody, ambientundercurrent, Stephanieâs two tracks â\" Perplex andHypo â\" served as afine introduction into her stylistically techno-blemished sound.
Thisaesthetic carries over into her DJ sets, and explains why sheâs beeninvited to grace the decks at places like Berghain, Tresor and CorsicaStudios; moreover, itâs led to a residency at Khidi in Tbilisi as wellas one of the UKs best known and longest running after-hours Jaded inLondon as well as ledgendary Atomic Jam which has been going for over 20years in Birmingham. Her sonic presence as a DJ recently promotedResident Advisor to award her Inner Escape Podcast as RA Mix of The Day.
More recently Stephanie has been invited to work with 4D in Amsterdam - to be part of their residency \"Techno is Space\" at Nachtlab in Amsterdam - for her first live performance.
Substance, quality and diversity are the driving forces behind the enigmatic artist who has sofar made a serious impact on the techno circuit in the early stages ofher career. In both the studio and behind the decks Stephanie strives tobring a raw and gritty modern spin on ambient, techno and experimental electronica, carefully curated and skilfully arranged into one seamless journey.

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