Introduction to Consent & Mindful Touch

Wednesday 16th January 2019

Learn Dr Betty Martin's "Wheel of Consent" and explore giving and receiving conscious mindful touch.

Venue: Skylight Centre, 49 Corsica Street, N5 1JT

Tickets: 19.99-25.00

Time: 7am - 10pm

Learn Dr Betty Martin's "Wheel of Consent" and explore giving and receiving conscious mindful touch.

* Improve your relationships
* Give and receive more pleasure!
* Improve the connection to your body & feel more sensation
* Learn nuances of the Wheel of Consent to ensure you're always within it
* Gain confidence asking for what you want and receiving it
* Inject more fun and juice into long-term relationships


"Everybody should know these concepts as they are applicable in so many situations, not only in the bedroom. "

"I got more confidence asking for what I want and what the other person likes or doesn't like"

"The workshop was an ideal combination of theory & practice. It really brought the Wheel Of Consent to life and helped me to experience the quadrants I'm less familiar with"

"Enjoyable, entertaining and insightful"


* Differing types and qualities of touch, discovering how they feel and which you prefer
* The importance of your "energy body" and how to transmit and receive energy
* How both your intention and attention impacts the touch you give
* How to express your boundaries
* Practice asking for what you want
* Learn and put into practise the "Wheel of Consent" by Dr Betty Martin
* Understand when you enter a state of "tolerating" and how to change that
* Understand what it means to "Take", "Serve", "Allow" and "Accept" touch


* Embodied practise of touch and consent
* Deeper connection to your body
* Feel relaxed and nourished
* A playful, fun and insightful exploration of touch
* Feel good about yourself and confident in your connections

TICKETS: *First 10 places get 25% off!*


"Very enjoyable and informative/empowering workshop" - Steve, Masseur

"It was a real coming back to myself, asking for what I wanted and getting those needs met" - Chloe, Midwife

"I learned that it's sexy to ask!"

"Good balance of content, discussion and practical exercises. The discussions were very illuminating"

"It's a door to increased self-awareness and pleasure"

"Both facilitators have a beautiful and electric energy when they laugh and demo with each other. The humour is infectious"


This is a fully-clothed workshop. There will be partnered work in short exercises. You will be able to express and explore your boundaries, listen to your inner wisdom and ask to be touched in a way that matches what you desire.

Singles and couples of any gender identity and sexual orientation are welcome.

Times: Please arrive 6:45pm for a prompt 7pm start. We'll finish at 9.45pm

Bring: A water bottle, pen & paper, warm socks (it's a shoes-off venue)

Wear: Clothing that you feel comfortable in. You will need to take your shoes off.

Suitable For: Anyone who wants to learn how to give and/or receive more pleasurable touch; improve their connection to and appreciation of their body. Anyone who wants to improve their understanding of consent and boundaries. Anyone who wants to improve upholding and expressing their boundaries; anyone who wants to feel safer knowing they are staying within the boundaries and consent of their partner.


Sanjay Joshi is a coach who guides singles and couples in having more intimacy, love and pleasure in their lives. He is a catalyst in people bringing out their brilliance and living a fulfilled life, pursuing activities they love. Sanjay is also a Certified Tantra Educator and specialises in enabling women to feel radiant, fulfilled and powerful. His clients experience exquisite pleasure, have more intimacy and gain a deeper appreciation for their bodies.

Natalie Ford is an Authenticity & Empowerment guide, passionate about people feeling depth, connection and at ease in their own skin. Natalie wants you to feel amazing about yourself! She believes it's our BIRTHRIGHT to own our body, our pleasure, our right to say yes/no, to carve our own path and to stand fully in our truth. Natalie will help empower you to live without fear, shame or guilt!

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