Extraordinary Lovers Weekend

Friday 4th October 2019 - Sunday 6th October 2019

Extraordinary Lovers is a three-day event that will take you and a partner through three thresholds of expressive love.

Venue: AM Power Yoga, Ironmonger Row, London,

Tickets: $1050 per couple

Time: 10am - 6pm

Laurie Handlers Presents Extraordinary Lovers is a three-day event that will take you and a partner through three thresholds of expressive love.

Day One covers the basic Tantra skills of self-love operating in the realm of the personal. The emphasis is on finding the Beloved within yourself.

Day Two focuses on the practice of Sex Magic, how to use intentional orgasm to fuel your life's purpose and intentions, the transpersonal.

Day Three covers concrete skills on how to unleash the Goddess in your partner and take her to the void (for same sex couples, one has to agree to be the receiver).

Expect to experience ancient Cobra breath, sound, movement, emotional release as well as awakening your orgasmic energies. Learn rituals for manifesting life's goals with ease and grace. And learn how to touch and read a body such that bringing out the Goddess and traveling with her into the universe becomes a natural occurrence in your lovemaking.

10AM - 6PM

The Tantra work we do at Butterfly Workshops goes very deep. We incorporate emotional release sessions as well as intention sessions. We look at people’s inability for permission for love, pleasure, abundance, health. In the course you will:
- Activate, clear and balance the Chakras (energy centers) of the body
- Learn to work with your intentions to manifest what you desire
- Learn and practice three forms of emotional release
- Discover sex techniques and conscious connection (learn what to do at home; i.e. breathing eye gazing, yab yum)
- Learn to move and make love in the unknown – Latihan
- Be initiated into Cobra Breath
- Learn to prolong and deepen lovemaking – generating/containing more sexual energy
- Transmute sexual energy to rejuvenate the body, stimulate creativity and reverse the aging process
- Become present to yourself and your Beloved (or future Beloved)
- Discover that you are the creator of your reality and experience
- Start to transform your reality – manifest your Soul’s intentions
People who have taken Laurie Handlers' course have reported these Benefits:
1) Feel great about yourself – happy, more attractive, self-confident, increase your capacity for more pleasure, experience joy and fulfilment as a way of life.
2) Empower well-being – eliminate toxins, eliminate stress – accept yourself for who you are & release deep painful cellular memories; feel safe and whole.
3) Focus – set intentions, do the practices and watch the laws of attraction bring what you want i.e. life partner, more $, career change
4) Uplift relationships – see others for who they really are, relate to their deep divine nature and trust your intuition
5) Experience the expression of your deepest emotions. Know rapture, love, passion and beyond! Become your own beloved!

Wouldn't you want this for yourself? Why wait? Take the plunge now!

SEX MAGIC - Making Your Dreams Come True with Laurie Handlers & Michael Gibson

Saturday, October 5th, 2019
10am-10pm (bring lunch, there will be a dinner break)

This course is intended to have participants benefit both from the practice of sacred ritual in their lives and flow with a partner in a new realm, a new universe. Perhaps this is something you’ve always dreamed of, but never knew how to access. Your participation in this course will leave you feeling like the star of a Rumi poem! What to expect…

Emotional Clearing – clearing the inner space for the unknown
Latihan Pratice – moving/being in the unknown, surrender

Building an Intimate Altar – Preparing Space for Ritual
How to Practice Sex Magic Ritual – Instruction on Physically, Emotionally, Spiritually Offering Blessings to the Goddess within all Women
How to Practice Intimate Puja – Instruction on Physically, Emotionally, Spiritually Offering Blessings to the God within all Men

Note: This course includes activities explicit in nature and nudity. There may be a time in group where there will be sexual activity or nudity and you will always be at choice. You must attend this course with a partner with whom you would feel comfortable sharing deep intimacy (for the purposes of practice) even if this person is not your intimate other.

Who should attend: Couples/Partners, Singles can attend with a “close” Partner. Prerequisite Bliss Beginners Tantra or some other form of Tantra or sacred sexuality training. If you have not done Bliss, it will take place the day before and/or we need to have a conversation to see if your experience qualifies you.

Once you register you will receive a welcome email with what to wear, bring, etc.
This Program is designed to inspire men to become modern Shaman for their lovers!

Sunday, October 6th, 2019 - 10am-6pm

In our workshops and Private Sessions, you learn how to:

- develop Presence and technique
- add SPICE to Your Sex LIFE
- drive her WILD with PLEASURE
- create Intimate Connection and Desire
- satisfy her in ways that keep her WANTING MORE

Here's what people are saying about Just Add Skill!

“Unleash the wild lover in your partner through sensual touch and presence. ”

Robert, Phoenix AZ

“Teaches men to be more open and connected with women. Also, educates men on how to lead adult conversations about sex. ”

Rachel, Phoenix AZ

“Men learn skills that develop more self-confidence in their ability to satisfy a woman. “

Susan, Phoenix AZ

Wouldn't you want this for yourself? Why wait? Take the plunge now!

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